Better Business Bureau: Top tips for hiring a roofing contractor

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) released tips for hiring a roofing contractor on Monday. The organization offered consumers

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) released tips for hiring a roofing contractor on Monday. The organization offered consumers six recommendations to consider that spanned the entirety of a roofing project. From getting the full scope of the work outlined in writing to contacting your insurance company about weather-related roof repairs, consumers should be sure to seek clarity about each step of the process.

The BBB tips also covered less obvious suggestions. Things like asking your contractor about how they handle inclement weather during a roofing project or confirming that a contractor is certified to install your preferred roofing type. No homeowner wants to find themselves panicking during a sudden rain shower.

Additionally, the BBB recommends consumers waste removal and cleanup. How will your roofer protect against damage to your home or handle repairs? Will they be responsible for hauling away trash and materials when the job is complete?

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