The annual event, which commemorated its 25th year, highlights the work that women do in construction. Nakoma Roofing & Construction is a shining example of

A recent case reported by NBC2 News underscores the critical importance of ensuring that you’re working with a licensed contractor when undertaking repairs to your home. An unfortunate homeowner in Port Charlotte, Florida told the Charlotte County Sheriff that she was scammed out of $10,000 by an unlicensed man who failed to complete the $20,000 kitchen renovation that she hired him to do.

After making an upfront fifty percent deposit, the woman saw more than five months pass with hardly any work completed. Ultimately, law enforcement had to get involved.

Sadly, this story is not an isolated incident. Bad actors are always on the hunt for unsuspecting homeowners to defraud and take advantage of. This is why it is so crucial that you work exclusively with a licensed contractor like Nakoma Roofing & Construction.

Nakoma is a fully licensed, insured, and bondable certified commercial General Contractor for the entire state of Florida. This means that you can count on skill, professionalism, and accountability in all of the work that we do. With deep roots in the community and multiple locations throughout the state, we offer quick turnarounds and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Don’t end up like the countless homeowners who have been unfortunate enough to learn the hard way. Choose a licensed contractor. Choose Nakoma for all of your roofing and construction needs.